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last one for today

suguro ryuji gockelchen
shima renzou einwegflasche

fotos done by araja


sharing some special moments…

have some fotos from Hanami/ Ludwigshafen (germany) last weekend
Treasure King Buggy einwegflasche
Treasure Queen Shanks gockelchen
foto by Felios

Mochi and I took a selfie in the antique shop earlier today~ It was beautiful Cat’s birthday so we went to an antique shop and tea room, and I feel quite tea-wasted.

Today was also my last day wearing my gingham dress. It was the first brand outfit I’d bought, and I wore it the day I took a picture with Misako when I was a new, young lolita who’d been at it for… three months? 

….wait shit did I really—

…yes, yes I did. 

ALSO POTE-USA BUNNY. Named Shinwoo. Points to who gets the reference.



i will always find a way out


Finally got better pics of this coord from the Museum meet last Friday! Thanks, Kathryn!

I’m satisfied, although I really can’t wait for my lavender shoes to come in so I can get some more footwear variety~

Anyway, coord offbrand breakdown:

Blouse, JSK, shoes: Bodyline
Wrist cuffs: Chess Story
Hair flower pieces: Shojo Monsta
Purse: Chambray Bottom Purses
Some accessories: Mochi’s Boutique, Tuxessories, and AddicTokki.

So I discovered that this bodyline jsk (L387) is honestly heavy, to the point where it made my cp petti droop a little. It’s like five layers of cotton, chiffon, and strange lace, but I honestly love the lavender colorway. 

This is honestly one of my favorite coords and I am so glad I got better just in time to wear it.


The story is entitled “Ayyyyy” and can be found below. It is quite a literary gem. Enjoy!

         One night at da club koujack and his koujacrew were hanging and getting the drunk and shit. He lay slumped over the table, drowning in alcohol because the aoba was dating other ppl and he was all sad because he began to feel oddly jealous about 2 weeks ago but didn’t know why and then one day beni was all like “r u fucking stupid u obviously have the dokis for him” and that was painful so when the random guy with the gray hair who likes dogs proposed a benishigure drinking night he said “sure let’s get the drunk”. And now images of perfect aoba and the thought of his cotton candy pubes danced in his mind.

       “beni I want aoba,” he whined, being a little bitch. “or at least cut off his mullet.”

       Beni stood up but I guess he was already standing idk he’s a bird. “what r u waiting for? If u want the aoba u get that aoba.”

       “but bruh,” he slurred. “the bae”

       “eliminate him,” beni urged.

       “no beni,” koujaku refused “it will only drive me into a deeper pit of angst than I’m already in.”

       “why not have an orgy then?” the idea was practically sent down from heaven. Koujack sat up straight, blood rushing to his mind. Yes. An orgy. With clear, noiz, mink, ren, the entirety of benishigure, mizuki, the not-twins, and everyone else maybe toue maybe even fuckin ryuuhou he didn’t care he was just inspired.

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print for minicomi pls buy from me this is the only thing i will prob have im doomed


Someone’s been a naughty boy last week and someone’s not pleased with it, but no one can resist that attractive fireman so all is forgiven, probably. These two just make me so happy you guys I just had to do this but it’s becoming so unhealthy they need to be stopped. OTL So far, no regrets just love. Makoto is smiling while Haru is trying to kiss him I am so amused i can’t even

Free! Eternal Makeout: MakoRin | SouRin